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2 Day Exclusives   July 3rd and 4th  Sale   -

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announced Monday, July 3rd


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Many of the one of a kind items featured in our Online store are Exclusive to our on-line store,  other items we will carry in both the Crystal Heart Books storefront in Beaverton, OR, and the Crystal Heart Global Market - Our Online store.  Both of our Stores will function independently. 

Having had an online store for a few years now, we are excited to announce the Grand Re-Opening, featuring great new  beautiful treasures, educational tools, and an informative and fun buying experience.  We are so very proud of our latest addition to the Crystal Heart Family, We call him Scott2, (as you may know we have been blessed with one Scott for many year).

Scott2  is heading up our webstore, he has been very busy over the past several months honing his skills to bring you the best quality merchandise, photos, information, and prices on all of our on-line products.  Scott2's passion, talents, and joyful nature, is equaled by his strong desire to move forward from his corporate roots.  Shop our New Online store.  Let's together turn Scott2's dream into reality.


Tons of NEW ITEMS - being brought in Just for our Grand Opening from the International New Age Trade Show only days before - featuring a number of exclusive items for our Web Store!

Exclusive Items Not ever seen from Tucson International Gems Shows 2017


We believe in choices, what would you like to do?


Not Open Yet! Soon a world of information on smudging.
This one will be worth the wait!


Clearing Crystal and Stones. Ways to best care for your precious.


Coming Soon!
Visit the incredible world of Aura Imaging!
See photos of auras and learn about auras and colors.