AURA PHOTOS & Interpretations


Aura Photo and Interpretations are available daily. Call us at (503) 520-0404 to schedule your photo and privately recorded aura interpretation today. 

Here at Crystal Heart Books, our in-store camera is a delight for all who love to have their aura photos taken. Whether it be for Fun, Curiosity, Spiritual Growth, Marking a Special Date, or something more personal, we invite you to join our happy customers that have been getting their photos taken for years. Aura Photos are not only fun, but are a very powerful tool in bringing awareness about one's auric field. All photos come protective sleeve and brochure of this information for your convenience.

Appointments for photos are recommended, so please call ahead if you can. You also have the option to schedule an Aura Interpretation with our resident intuitive. The interpretation can give added clarity about any spiritual issues regarding how you connect with your higher self, your specific angels or guides, and can also provide insight on rewards or lessons they have for you to consider. The Aura Interpretation will also provide detailed information on the meanings of the colors and their placement in your aura. Other topics that often come up during interpretations include:

  • Emotional issues around family, friends, jobs, passions, finances, and goals
  • Physical issues showing potential blocks, injuries, and recovery of illnesses

If you would like to add a personal Aura Interpretation appointment to your aura photo, please schedule ahead to ensure availability. We look forward to seeing you and your family and friends for this most unique experience!



Biofeedback probes pick up your aura energy.  The camera displays  information as a colorful field around your body.  Many varied colors actually reflect your spiritual,  physical , and emotional state.  The aura field changes from times to time, as a reflection of those changes in thoughts, feelings and emotions.


Yes! Your aura can change quickly, or can remain the same for an extended period. Thoughts, feelings, and life experiences have a great impact on our  changing auras.


This information has been gathered to assist  you in better understanding your aura photo.  A good analysis can be obtained by understanding colors, placement of colors, tone and intensity of the colors, as well as how the colors relate to one another.

SIZE OF THE AURA is determined by how much of the film the aura is taken up with in the photo.  The bigger the aura the better, as it creates a larger personal space in which one may function.  ( Think of it as your personal bubble).   Smaller auras are an indication of someone who may be holding their energy in.  It could represent someone who is reserved due to physical issues, emotional issues or dealing with issues within their personal environments.

LEFT SIDE OF PHOTO (right side of the face)  This side represents the energies that one brings from the past, the time frames can vary from very recent to week, or even months.

TOP CENTER OF PHOTO  this area is an indication of where you are currently in your mental, physical, or emotional state.

RIGHT SIDE OF PHOTO (left side of the face)  This it the energy suggesting what is coming up for you in the future.  This energy is based from whence you have come, where you are currently, and suggests what is likely to occur based on your mental, physical, and emotional situation.

TOP HALF OF IMAGE   represents your mental or ethereal realm.

BOTTOM HALF OF IMAGE   represents your physical realm, and can be a indicator of physical vitality, and/or issues within the body.

THROAT CHAKRA   (typically shows up as a ball of energy at the bottom of the head or just below the chin, and suggests one choice and ability to communicate, one's effectiveness in communication.   The brighter and fuller the chakra the stronger the communication.

HEART CHAKRA ( shows up as a ball of energy at the very bottom and center of the photo)  This ball of energy reflects on emotional state.  Is your heart chakra open or closed, to what degree and can be a variety of colors.

ANGELS / SPIRIT GUIDES -  Blotches or balls of energy around the top circumference of the head, can represent  Angels or Spirit Guides around an individual.  These energies can represent deceased soul that you have know personally in life or Angel and guides that are with you your whole life, or for a short period to help in specific areas of your life.

COLOR AND THICKNESS at the edge of the aura are good indications of what one projects to the world around them, and what one want others to see.  This color can indicate how others initially perceive you, and  your perception of others,  and can also show walls or protection you may put around yourself.


RED    desire, passion, focus, force of will, drive, ambition, power, competition, leadership, strength, courage, love of sport, struggle, eroticism, survival instinct.  Can represent strong emotions, fear, anger, and control issues , and toxicity, especially if on the dark scale.

 PINK    loving, compassionate, learning to put oneself first, unconditional love, combines the red energies with white for a softer more balanced focus.

ORANGE    creativity, spontaneity, confidence, Orange is a mixture of red and yellow cheerfulness, sunny.   The world should see you as up, happy people, willing to work and to create.   You like to get out and have fun!   Talented sales people, entrepreneurs, and people who deal with the public often have orange in their auras.

YELLOW   positive, enthusiastic, great sense of humor & fun, warm sunny disposition, smiling, optimist, intellectuality, open to new ideas,   talent for organization, hopeful and inspiring, have a great ability to analyze complex concepts.

GREEN   healing on a physical, emotional level, growth, new beginnings.

Can represent one who is healing or one who is a healer.   Dr., therapists, massage therapist, reiki practitioner, dedicated parents, social workers, and others focusing on creating positive change in the world.   Ambitious desire for respectability and personal attainment, deeply focused and adaptable.

BLUE    communication, peaceful, calm, content, musicians, teachers, broadcasters, writer, depth of feeling, devotion, loyalty, trust.   May be a dreamer and have artistic ability, inward focus, may enjoy solitude, not competitive activities, be receptive and desire unity, peace, love and affection in relationships with others, and people looking for truth, justice and beauty in everything.   Desire a calm and tranquil environment.

 PURPLE     spiritual connection, intuitive, looking out for the best interest of all involved. One who has a good understanding on oneself  (combines the blue and red energies), indigo children.

BLACK      around the border has no meaning and is simply the background of the image.  Black infused in with the colors can represent blocked energies, toxicity, heaviness, or potentially negative energies within an area or color.


While it may be believed that your aura can be an indication of one's physical, spiritual and/or emotional state, it is important to recognize that your aura, aura photo, or any interpretation of your aura, is not intended to diagnosis, prescribe, or in any way be used for medical purposes.