Crystal Heart’s May “Stone of the Month” ~ BLACK TOURMALINE

Black Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline is one of the most sought after of the protection and grounding stones. It connects one from the root chakra (lst chakra) to mother earth. It can Protect, Deflect, Repel and at times Reflect back negativity energies, whether directed or not. Black tourmaline is very effective around negative spells and directed ill intentions on the part of another.

Black Tourmaline is also effective in environments of negative energies and or entities. Assist in emotional stability, physical well being and clarity of the mind in negative and situations of chaos. It helps one to maintain a positive outlook, it times of despair.

Black Tourmaline can assist one in staying grounded and practical in ones creative pursuits, allowing one to “keep it real” while opening to one’s imagination.

Black Tourmaline is affordable and available in different formats, from natural growing crystal formations, polished pieces, to simple or elaborate jewelry.

Black Tourmaline is said to be an excellent stone for arthritis, lower back issues, heart aliments and a variety of other physical and emotional challenges.

Black Tourmaline is a wise stone for all individual, as is most effective if carried or worn on ones body, (take this one with you) as it were.

Black Tourmaline in Clear Quartz – not only dispels negative energies, it also energizes the overall well-being of the holder.

Currently at Crystal Heart Books we carry Black Tourmaline in Points, Points/Clusters in Clear Quartz, and Pendants.